Sample Policy

Sample Policy

Our Sample Policy at Sipping Fine Wine is simple:  We accept samples of wine and any wine-related products.  We will disclose, in the applicable blog post, that free samples were received.  Because this website is called Sipping Fine Wine we normally only write about the “Fine Wines” we taste and rarely will comment on those wines we did not find satisfying to our palate or flawed.

We are not employed in the wine industry, distribution or sales of wines or related products.  We consider ourselves “Reviewers of Wine” and not just looking for faults.  We recognize wine tastes and preferences are individual choices.  If we do not like a wine it does not mean it’s bad, rather it could be something that our palate does not prefer.  For example, one of our reviewers does not have a palate for Rieslings, so when we taste Rieslings, she does not participate.  While I cannot guarantee that I will write about every sample I receive, I will make a timely effort to review each wine.  Of course if we do taste wines that are spoiled, corked or otherwise flawed, we would prefer not to review those wines and indicate that the wine is corked because it doesn’t represent what the wine truly tastes like, as not all bottles would be corked.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange delivery for a sample and I will provide my shipping address.  I can be reached at:

We are also available to attend tastings, events, wine tours and other wine venues.


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