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Welcome to Sipping Fine Wine!  I began tasting wines in the early 80’s when I took my first wine tasting course.  Since then I have tasted thousands of wines, attended many courses and seminars and hosted numerous wine tasting events.  Fast forward to today where I am WSET Certified, write a blog (Sipping Fine Wine) two times a week and post daily to “Vivino”, on my Phone app.  I am a “Featured User” on Vivino and ranked in the top 20 in the US.  You can say that wine is my passion.  I enjoy tasting the fruit of the vine and the craftsmanship employed to turn the grapes into Fine Wine.  Taking a grape and turning it into complex aromas and tastes is a work of art and not every winemaker can produce the same quality. That’s why I enjoy tasting wine and comment on what I taste.

In addition to providing comments on what I taste, I like to provide a little background on the wine, winery, winemakers, owners or any other interesting fact about the wine I am tasting.  Since this website is called Sipping Fine Wine we normally only write about the “Fine Wines” we taste and rarely will comment on those wines we did not find satisfying to our palate.  However, I will comment and make constructive remarks, when necessary, but if a wine is flawed, I will not review the wine.

From time to time I may comment on related aspects of wine from opening champagne to various storage and serving techniques.  I will also comment on wine related products, such as wine preserving and glassware.  Occasionally I will pair foods with wine, and provide recipes!

I do have a small staff of individuals who share my passion for wine and we will, on many occasions, taste wine as a group and share our tasting thoughts.

We will occasionally visit vineyards, chateaus and wineries, and when we do, I will comment on various aspects of our visit from wine growing and vinification to barrel and bottle tasting.  During our visits you can follow along with daily postings.

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