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I’Avi Arrufi Vi de guarda 2008

L’Avi Arrufi is an estate-bottled wine made by Celler Vinos Piñol with organically grown grapes in the high elevation region of Terra Alta, located south of Barcelona. The Piñol family has been wine growers for four generations. L’Avi Arrufi means, “Grandfather Arrufi,” the man who founded Celler Piñol in 1945. Today, less than 800 cases are produced of one of the family’s most distinctive wines, made from organically grown vines over seventy years old. L’Avi Arrufi is “liquid geography,” a wine that sings the special music of Terra Alta’s terroir composed of phrases and notes of the specific flavors of the Mediterranean climate. The story of Cellar Vinos Piñol mirrors the ascendance of Spanish wines in world markets over the past ten years, a story of how a reverence for old, treasured vineyards and the best family traditions have been combined with new winemaking methods to make the finest wines possible. Similar to Yecla and Vinos de Madrid, Terra Alta is one of Spain’s up-and-coming wine regions with an identity built on exciting projects and progressive innovation.

Was lucky enough to get a bottle from the 739 cases produced. A blend of 60% Cariñena, 30% Garnacha, 10% Syrah and aged for 14 months in French, American and Hungarian oak. Deep red, dark edges, with aromas of black fruits and complex earthy spices. On the palate black cherry and blackberry flavors with herbs, cacao and pepper spice.  Full-bodied, well balanced wine with smooth tannins. Lingering finish ending with cinnamon and mineral notes. Very Nice! Will age well for another decade!